Book of The Month Challenge: The Book of Secrets by John Carney

I am delighted to announce the next book of the month challenge. John Carney’s  ”The Book of Secrets”. This book reminds me very much of how I felt when I first read Dai Vernon’s Book of Magic. It was an exhilarating experience – the combination of theoretical discussion and evaluation, alongside John’s deep analysis on classical magic is truly inspirational. I felt the book of the month challenge would progress and be elevated by revisiting this book.

Many of the routines found in this book are John’s interpretation of classical effects found in close-up magic, stand-up parlour and stage work. So there’s a lot of variety to stimulate  a diverse readership. In studying this book again, I hope it will inspire all of us to read between the lines and keep one important question in mind, “how can I use this information to become a more accomplished magician and entertainer”?

In thinking about this book and what I have got from it so far, I am present to the level of commitment and dedication it takes to improve my magic. In reading the first few chapters of the book, John lays out his stall for achieving mastery in this world that is fighting for our attention.

Between now and the end of January, we will have 12 weeks of study to really come to terms with our own level of passion, desire, commitment and self-discipline. Along the way, there is the possibility that you might discover some beautiful magic that you may have forgotten, we can take that as a done given.

My intention is to inspire all of you with a deeper love and reverence for the craft magic. The best way to do this is by reading quality books, thinking, practising and performing.

Good luck and see you at the end of January.  

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