It’s always a good time in magic when Simon Aronson releases a new book. Alongside Darwin Ortiz, Simon is without doubt one of the most extraordinary thinkers and creators of card magic I have ever seen and the pleasure to study. It all began for me with his book “Bound to Please”, followed by “The Aronson Approach”. 

This particular book inspired my routine ” The Many Faces of a Woman”. If Simon had stopped publishing his material then, I would have been quite happy and satisfied with his contribution to card magic. However, he didn’t stop there – he blew us all away with an extraordinary collection of card magic in his book “Simply Simon”. 

How do you follow such an mind blowing collection? Well, easy – you try the impossible. Such was the title of Simon’s next book – “Try the Impossible”, a groundbreaking book featuring his extraordinary technique “The Un-Do Influence”. This book was published in 2001 and now he has gifted us again with what promises to be another stellar collection from his fertile mind. His new book, “Art Decko” has arrived and I couldn’t be more delighted.

One of things I love about the card magic of Simon Aronson is his uncompromising quest for creating card magic that provides our audience with the experience of magic and the intellectual realisation that what they have seen is truly impossible. The construction and design of his magic leaves no clues, employing a wide range of techniques, subtleties, hard-core sleight of hand and a comprehensive understanding of where real magic works… in the minds of our audience.

Christmas has come early fellas – I want to thank Simon Aronson for his generosity in sharing his thoughts and passion with us. Let’s get to work and honour Simon and his material with our world-class performances.

©Mike Vincent 2014

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