The NCH Extravaganza

One of the things I love about my work is the variety of different contexts in which I get to express myself. If I am not doing generic performing & entertaining, I am teaching or lecturing – or posting orders through my online business.

Last weekend was another of those moments where my craft offered up something completely unique as far as my self-expression is concerned.

I was contacted by The National Council of Hypnotherapist to be one of their speakers at their big event.  This was held at the very prestigious Royal Society of Medicine in Central London.

My talk was entitled  “The Tapestry of Deception”

This is the same talk I would normally present to magicians at my lectures, however, my client saw the possibility of a cross-over within the context of Hypnotherapy, she was right. 

The essence of my talk was about “rapport and vulnerability” providing an access for magic to “happen in the mind” of the audience and how these same concepts apply to the Hypnotherapsit working with their clients.

You can learn more about the event here


This talk was inspired by the teachings and philosophy of Tony Slydini.  When I was 18, I made my first trip to New York City, it was here that I met the great Slydini.

Slydini taught me his entire repertoire and in the process instilled within me The Tapestry of Deception. To put it another way, his magic provided me with an access to fully understand, appreciate and exploit how laypeople process and experience magic.

Slydini’s concepts, I discovered, have far reaching implications and applications outside of magic. My talk last weekend was designed to highlight the similarities between the world of the Hypnotherapist and the Magician. My client was delighted with the outcome and I was thrilled to discover another access for me self-expression.

The event was topped of with my client presenting me with a wonderful birthday day cake to celebrate my 50th Birthday.

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