Michael Vincent Workshops

Michael’s career as an elite magician has seen him perform for over 30 years at the very top level of the magic world, and Michael is dedicated to passing on his award-winning skills to other magicians who are determined to master the craft through his workshops.

His workshops are designed to help those who wish to master the art of magic, and improve their skills to a professional, world-class level. The workshops are inspired by the values that were instilled in Michael by his mentors, which are key to becoming a consummate, elite performer; notably naturalness of handling, storytelling skills, psychology and audience engagement.

Michael’s workshops use a combination of key note delivery, live action demonstrations, hands on coaching and explanation of methods, onscreen graphics illustrating different concepts, test performances, and ongoing monitoring and evaluation of student progress.

Central to Michael’s teaching method are practice drills individually designed to help students to master the intricacies of sleight of hand. These are time-honoured, secret techniques that Michael is proud to share, and that are proven to improve the techniques of his students.

Michael’s workshops are available as full day courses lasting from 9 until 5, or shorter seminars over 2-3 hours. For those unable to attend in person, Michael can offer one-hour coaching sessions over Skype.

Mentoring and the passing on of skills over the generations is a tradition central to the world of magic and its ongoing excellence, and at the Vincent Academy Michael gives students the valuable opportunity to learn from one of the best in the world.

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