Stage Magic

Stage Magic

Perfect your stage magic with coaching from one of the world’s greatest practitioners of sleight of hand technique. Michael Vincent is a Magic Circle award winning magician who performs all over the globe.

Coaching Classes For Stage Magic

Michael teaches the techniques you need to know to create illusions and performances that will stun your audience. Michael has three decades of experience as a world-class magician, is a life member of the Magic Circle, and is committed to sharing the wealth of experience he has gained over his journey with others who wish to master the craft.

Michael performs elegant feats that appear impossible to the human eye, but his astounding performances derive from an understanding of the subtle complexities of illusion and performance. Learning to properly utilise these techniques in a professional performance can be a challenging experience, but Michael is an experienced stage magician who’s been there and done it all before, and knows what it takes to succeed in a competitive arena. His career has taken him to the pinnacle of the magic world, via television appearances, stage shows around the world and private performances for celebrities, public figures and corporations.

Michael has been mentored and trained by some of the greatest magicians of our time, such as the world-renowned magician Tony Slydini and many of the world’s biggest names in the magic community.

Michael is an expert in helping performers to improve their communication with the audience. With Michael you can learn the skills you need as an entertainer to capture an audience, whether performing bizarre magic on a stage, or close up magic in an intimate setting, whether seated at a table, within metres of your audience or person to person.

Learn how to control minds, read thoughts and predict events. Michael Vincent’s stage magic coaching is an opportunity to realise the full potential of your performances, working with one of the best in the world.

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