Portrait Photo Shoots

Portrait Photo Shoots

Michael is not just an exceptional magician, but an outstanding photographer as well – with portrait photography central to his skill set. Although ostensibly simple and direct, his portrait service focuses on building a trust and rapport with his client so he can capture them in their most relaxed and natural moment.

A Friend and Photographer

Michael is not just going to be his client’s photographer, but also their friend. Building healthy friendships, founded from trust and companionship, people who have worked with ‘The Magical Photographer’ always have a fun and unforgettable experience with him. While it’s no secret that not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera, Michael’s passion for his work and naturally friendly personality – not to mention his brilliant magic skills – always make it easy for his clients to feel confident and show their best in front of the lens. Besides his photography skills, his warm, companionable approach is what makes him stand out from the rest.

His Work

Mixing natural light and picturesque scenery with his magical photography skills, Michael beautifully captures moments in a unique and timeless manner. The combination of his Nikon Flash and beautiful natural lights make for compelling portraits, and his unparalleled talent and keen eye for photography make his photos speak a thousand words.

The Portraits

After an enjoyable photography session, photos then undergo professional editing. Michael puts time and effort in making every image look its best. The most profound and authentic expressions are showcased and highlighted through utilisation of a tasteful and advanced editing. process, that make Michael’s portraits stand out from the crowd.

Portrait Photo Shoots Service

For the best portrait photo shoots, you need a professional who’s not only going to make you look confident in front of the camera, but also make you feel comfortable and confident inside and out-Michael Vincent can bring out the best in you.

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