The Evolution of A Classic- The Cups and Balls DVD

The Cups andBalls

A little back ground information.
This two Disc DVD is my journey in attempting to learn, master and fully understand The Cups and Balls.
To me, Cups and Balls is much more than a magic trick. Cups and Balls is a concept. Think about this for a minute; you can perform this routine with 1 cup, 2 cups or 3 cups.
This routine can be performed with coffee mugs, rolled up bits of paper and still create a fantastic response from a lay audience. If truth be told I prefer to perform this routine totally impromptu with no special props just because of the sheer impromptu spontaneous feeling of the magic – there is nothing better.
So my DVD is your opportunity to experience my journey and learning this routine and discover how I arrived at my own personal interpretation.
My goal was to take the routine by Dai Vernon end clean. This meant eliminating a few of the issues that bothered me. In my routine once I’ve finished all the effects, the cups are loaded and the audience don’t see the finish coming. This to me is real magic.
Now is your opportunity to own this very rare DVD, I am making it available for very limited time.
Cost of the DVD is £50.00
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