Event Photo Shoots

Event Photo Shoots

From creating fun and excitement with his exceptional magic skills to capturing meaningful and wonderful life moments through his beautiful photography, Michael Vincent never fails to enthrall and fascinate.

The Magical Photographer

A world-class British talent, Michael performs magic not only on stage but also through his Nikon camera lens. Through constant training and his passion for photography, he has developed a unique photography style that he can call his own.

Specializing in photojournalism, which employs his passion for writing and image creation, Michael takes pride in providing outstanding photographs that exude sophistication and style. His unobtrusive, candid style of photography allows him to capture every moment as it naturally unfolds, preserving every important moment with the sincerity that it deserves.

As an expert photojournalist, Michael never interrupts the flow of the event. Michael’s photography is all about capturing the essence of life and humanity in every moment. He works discreetly in the background, allowing you and your guests to have fun and be natural while he takes snapshots of every key moment in your event. Whether its a friend dancing to a 70’s disco song, or a colleague receiving an award for her 25th year of service to the company, Michael can capture any fleeting second beautifully and artistically.

Event Photo Shoots Services

So if you need a professional photographer with an incredible eye for detail to cover your meeting, conference, award ceremony, product launch, corporate event, holiday party, sporting event, family reunion, or wedding banquet, then let Michael Vincent’s magical photography do its wonders for you.  With his keen eyes and expert skills, you’re sure to relive every wonderful moment of your event in the years to come.

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