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Communication Support Available For Hearing Lost

Did You Know?

More than 11 million people in the UK suffer from some form of hearing loss, rising to 15.6 million by 2035; 20% of the population.

Hearing loss is a problem which affects every demographic, and has profound effects on employment rates, career progression, education, physical and mental well-being and mortality rates.

Michael provides communication support and training for corporations serving deaf people with hearing loss.

Communication Support

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Customer Service

Our services are designed to remove the barriers to communication affecting sufferers of hearing loss particularly in the key sectors of healthcare, education, employment, entertainment, and transport.

We provide guidance and training focussed on these vital areas, and an advanced workshop resource delivered by the award-winning magician and communications consultant, Michael Vincent.

Inspired by his own battle to overcome hearing loss in his distinguished career, Michael developed this course to help improve the customer service offered to the hearing impaired, and improve their experience in the workplace.

Digital Communication Support

Communicate online through digital technology and improve your customer service for deaf people suffering with hearing loss worldwide.

The beauty of communicating through social media is that it is free and easy to access.

You can promote your business globally within a 140 characters through twitter, add value to your brand by using video content through YouTube or meet the legal requirements of the equality act and avoid potential law suits by helping deaf people in your organisation.

Workshop & Event

When Michael first lost his hearing; he found that it immediately affected his business, and his ability to perform. He was forced to find a way to use social media and technology to change the way he operates, and the way he works.

Michael has used his experience to develop an advanced course designed to help those affected by hearing lost to use these tools to improve their employability, their business dealings and their general communication skills.

Communication Support Training

We provide communication support and guidance to those affected by hearing loss, and the organisations that work with them.

You can add value to your business through sign language in theatre production, television, multimedia production and the legal system.

We also provide training and workshops for businesses and organisations in providing effective customer care and workplace support for individuals suffering from hearing loss.