Personal Coaching

Recognised worldwide as an accomplished  master of close up magic, Michael Vincent is uniquely placed to assist those who wish to learn the art.

Over the last 17 years, Michael has taught and mentored many students, and consistently receives outstanding feedback from his clients. While learning magic is no easy process, Michael’s personal coaching sessions make it a fun, fascinating and enlightening process.

Michael counts himself lucky to have learned his craft from legendary figures such as Larry Jennings, Lennert Green and Channing Pollock, and for him mentoring remains an important part of the development process. With Michael as your coach, you will benefit from the knowledge of a master magician, with more than 30 years experience of performing at the highest level.

Unique, Inspirational Personal Coaching

Developing your magic skills are just one part of the package, and you can expect a larger world of personal development as you go on with your coaching. Michael specialises in helping his students to improve their communication methods and skills, utilising the expertise that he has developed over his years as a world-class professional performer.

Michael’s coaching can not only enable you to master the technicalities of magic, but to improve your ability to communicate, express yourself and improve in every aspect of your life.

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