Close Up Magic

Close Up Magic

What is close up magic? Close-up magic is a form of visual entertainment performed by a magician to his audience in close proximity; close-up magic may involve tricks with playing cards, coins, pens, dice and a wide range of small objects.

Close Up Magic Coaching

A performance given by Michael Vincent is a fascinating experience to behold. He is one of the finest magicians in the world at making his audiences enjoy the process of being completely baffled and enchanted by the grace and elegance of his work.

A three-time Magic Circle award winner, Michael Vincent specialises in sleight of hand technique, is a world-class expert at manipulating cards and coins, and is consistently ranked in the top 5 sleight of hand magicians in the world.
Experience close-up magic with the Vincent Academy and learn from one of the world’s finest sleight of hand artists how to execute professional standard close-up magic to a live audience. Michael works with magicians to help them bring a professional edge to their act, improve their audience communication and develop their skills to their full potential.

Michael’s Mentors

His astounding magic performances are a tribute to the wonderful artists who inspired him as an apprentice. He was privileged to train under some of the finest magicians of the 21st century, such as Tony Slydini, Alan Alan, Harry Lorayne, Cy Endfield (Director of the movie ZULU), Derek Dingle, Darwin Ortiz, Larry Jennings and Michael Skinner.
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