Michael Vincent is a world-famous magician, thanks to high-profile performances around the globe of his remarkable close-up magic, recognised by the British Magic Circle with the award of their coveted ‘Best Close Up Magician’ in three consecutive decades. The award-winning British magician wows every single person in his audience every time he performs. He is a soft-spoken person, but his elegant performances speak volumes about his hard-to-match skill and talent. His fast and clever hands leave even the most skeptical viewer amazed and unable to tell how the magic is executed.

Michael is particularly renowned for his physical illusions. Whether using cards, coins, pens, or anything else he can get hold of, he can effectively turn them into the centrepiece of an impressive performance. Even more remarkable is his ability to confound even expert card players, in his performances at many of the country’s top casino.

That not even the best card players can catch the secrets of his close-up magic tricks is evidence of his spectacular talent. No need to worry though; playing poker with everyone else is not included in his act!

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The Michael Vincent performance is about collaboration with his audience, where they actively participate in the experience. With his warm and friendly personality and captivating stage presence, Michael Vincent can bring more interest and excitement into the atmosphere of a venue, turning every visit in to a memorable event.

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