Card Magic

Card Magic

Card magic is a classic discipline which has long been a mainstay of magic performance, and arguably one of the most enjoyable and accessible magic acts. Card magic is an established part of the entertainment industry, partly due to its ability to effectively appeal to all ages, genders and nationalities.

Michael Vincent is one of the world’s top practitioners of card magic, and possesses an extraordinary array of superior manipulation skills. Due to this lead British magician’s knowledge of the art and his elegant mastery of sleight of hand techniques, he has performed across the globe, and gained fans in every continent.

Card Magic With Michael

Michael’s performances create amazing moments for his audience; from smiles, laughter, jaw-dropping amazement, child-like wonder, to screams of delight and amazement. His fantastic and unique form of entertainment inspires awe in every audience.

Performing quality close-up magic, sleight of hand, card magic and mind reading, Michael’s unique and universal form of magical entertainment captivates and astonishes crowds of all ages, creating an atmosphere, breaking the ice and bringing his audience together in a sense of wonder.

So, if you are looking for a cheesy, suit wearing magician who pulls rabbits out of hats and saws his assistants in half, unfortunately you’re in the wrong place. But if you are after a contemporary act that never fail to inspire and entertain even the most skeptical audience, Michael Vincent offers all that, and more.

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