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FISM 2018 World Championships

My career as a magician has opened doors to many wonderful moments. Being here in Busan, South Korea has afforded me the privilege to participate in the 2018 FISM World Championships. My role here has been to act as one of the principle judges on a panel of distinguished members in the magical fraternity.

My job is done, my input, insights and deliberation has contributed to a successful campaign.

The world of magic is a big global family. Every Convention is a party. FISM the jewel in the crown.

This event was fantastic and for me a great privilege to preside over the Close-up competition.

Me and my team of judges worked hard over the entire week – we saw a lot of magic and came to the right conclusion about the top three winners.

Just like in the Olympics, there was a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize.

The Winner in the Category for Close Up Card Magic was Bill Cheung. His act was the closest thing to CGI and I saw it with my own eyes, truly marvellous.

The FISM Jury Members










My Favourite Subject – CARD MAGIC

I am thinking about card magic right now. 

I have to say, this is one of the most beautiful subjects I’ve ever studied in my life. I have a wide interest in many different subjects and yet, the study of sleight of hand card magic is my deepest passion. It covers many levels of study, research, investigation and practical applications for me.

Now, when I say study, I really mean it – I am talking about reading books long before my grand parents were born. I am also referring to the studying of the great masters who came before me and carved out the path of excellence for me to follow. 
I started practicng card magic when I was 10 years old. The Royal Road to Card Magic, The Magic Book by Harry Lorayne and his classic work Close-up Card Magic would be the foundation upon which I would build my philosophy on this subject.

The photograph above is me with my friend and mentor Harry Lorayne – it was a privelidge to meet Harry as a young boy and to be taught by him. I got to see his magic come alive right before my eyes. 

I am 53 years old now and I can say I now understand how to make a performance of card magic a truly magical, meaningful and memorable experience for a lay audience. My whole ethos now is about making my audience care. Just consider; why should they care? I believe, my audience have enough to concern themselves with on a daily basis to not have to concern themselves about my skill and performance with a deck of cards.

I made a promise to myself that when I step out in front of an audience, I will give them my absolute best effort. The effects my audience will see me perform will completely transform their point of view about what is possible with a deck of cards. In my professional shows, my audience will experience the atmosphere of magic. This is quite a lofty goal to achieve, I can say one thing with certainty, this is the standard of excellence and mastery I hold myself to.

To study this subject is to expose myself to the deepest elements of who I am as a person. I say this because, once I’ve learnt a routine and developed the script and presentation, I then have to share it with my audience. More often than not, my first few performances may achieve a 6/10 mark. This low score is me evaluating the impact, my self expression and the response of the audience. I have one routine in my repertoire which took me 10 years to fully understand before I consistently achieved the response I knew it could. Another routine would take me 25 years of study and application.

I hope you can feel from this Blog Post that magic and card magic is a serious subject. 

If you are reading this looking to hire me, consider the possibility that you are not just hiring a professional magician, you are also hiring a passionate student, a psychologist in human nature, a communicator, a first class story teller and someone who truly knows how to make your guests feel good. 

Is this someone who you feel would be worthy of your investment?

If you do then LOOK NO FURTHER.


Please, get in touch and let’s work in committed partnership to make your event truly memorable for all concerned.


Michael Vincent

A Living Legend

How do you personally define the word legend? One man’s legend is different to someone else’s, such is the subjective definition of this word. There are some people in life who are much bigger than the word itself.
This photograph speaks for itself – The International Man of Mystery David Berglas.

David Berglas, in my opinion is a living legend in British Magic.

I made it a point of contacting David with the hope that I could visit him and spend the afternoon in his company. He was as excited as I about this possibility – we made it happen and all I can say is our time together was an absolute privilege from me.

I have known David since I was 17 years old. He reminded me of my first visit to The Magic Circle as a boy where I was introduced to him by my mentor Alan Alan.

Alan had asked me to perform a coin routine for David; I performed a fabulous routine called “SKYHOOKS” of John Ramsey – The Hanging Coins”. I was very surprised by his sharp memory. David said to me as a young boy; “you are very good young man, however, you will have to wait until you are 18 before you can join The Magic Circle”.

My relationship with David Berglas would be consolidated on the night of The Magic Circle Close-up Competition to find The Magic Circle Close-up Magician of the Year. This was in 1983, I was 18 and my performance was being judged as part of my official examination for membership of The Magic Circle. That night, David was one of three judges and I was voted the winning act and became a very young member of this prestigious society. Being seen by David and the membership would set a big context for my life and future career. He would play an instrumental part in my career development.

When we met up a few weeks ago, we embraced like old friends and just spoke, shared and reminisced about old times. I was particularly fascinated to learn more about David Berglas – the man and legend in show business. I say legend because he earnt this status through talent, hard work and he had a personality that would open doors and connections in show business that would transform his life, The Magic Circle and my life too.

Throughout our afternoon together, he spoke about his early career being the first magician to have his own show on television. This made me realise he set the template for the likes of David Nixon, Paul Daniels and many more who would follow. I remember seeing footage of David smoking cigarettes under water, performing sleight of hand with cigarettes with his sleeves rolled up talking directly to camera. In his later career he had a very successful show which featured the likes of Omar Sherif is a Drawing Room type setting.

At 91 years of age, he cuts a dignified and fulfilled figure of man, who has done it all achieved it all and cemented a legacy of powerful magic and mentalism in our craft.

David is fully aware of my love for card magic and at some point during our conversation, he asked me to name a card, any card – I named the Four of Spades. He then asked me to name a number, I chose the number the 37.

Nothing more was said at this point, we continued talking about our respective lives, my current work, losing my hearing. It must have been another hour or so when he asked me to walk over to cabinet drawer and remove several decks of card – two red decks and one blue. He asked me to pick up any deck, I chose the blue deck.

He then went to his presentation for The Berglas Effect.

Many magicians have written about this stunning effect and the impact it had on them. I believe I am the first to have photographic evidence of David Berglas during his denouement of this amazing experience.

I am deliberately choosing to allow my photograph of this experience to speak for itself.

Draw your own conclusion.

Throughout my life, I have been blessed to know and study magic with some truly great masters. My friend and mentor Alan Alan supported my development with rigorous coaching. David Berglas inspired me to maintain my attitude for excellence, performance mastery, communication self expression. David is quite a remarkable human being, he still has a zest for life all be it at a more measured pace now, he still has his mind engaged with projects and is currently featured in Genii Magazine sharing his life through stories and anecdotes with esteemed writer Richard Wiseman.

I made a point of not over staying my welcome, I could have stayed longer and yet felt the time had approached for me to leave David to continue with his evening, we were together for three magical hours, it felt like five minutes.

This short blog post in no way encapsulates the life of David Berglas, it is just my humble attempt to document my time with him and to offer this as a personal thank you to him. Because of David, I was able to meet and entertain Muhammad Ali and his family, David introduced me to the Late Princess of Wales and Prince Charles, Richard Branson and the wonderful show business Photographer Doug Mackenzie.

This blog post has come to end, my friendship with David will last forever. This is a wonderful privilege in my life.

Michael Vincent 2017

All images in this Blog Post were created by Michael Vincent Photography.

Copyright Michael Vincent Photography All Rights Reserved 2017

Images used with expressed permission by David Berglas.

A Magical Collaboration

I am very happy to be writing this Blog Post on my Friend and magical artist Andy Field.

I first became aware of Andy through my mentor a Darwin Ortiz. Darwin and Andy have been friends for a while talking and sharing card magic. Eventually, Andy and I made contact and we have been friends for eight years.

Andy has impressed me and fooled me consistently with his incredible magic over the years. He has built his magic and business to such a fine degree. Let me state, he is one of the busiest professionals I know, covering a lot of the United Kindom.

Bristol, Cheltenham, Bath, Oxford, Birmingham, Felixstowe, Kent, Sussex are just some of the geography he has covered.

Andy’s magic features incredible and impeccably executed sleight of hand mixed with a cheeky and friendly approach to his audience. His natural charm and houmor immediately wins the crowd. I have seen him work and been blown away by his natural rapport with people.

His magic is incredible.

When Andy and I get together, our conversations inspire me. We are both committed to transforming the magical landscape.

Andy and I work together frequently and f you would like to hire both of us for your event please get in touch.

Flight Time: There is no Substitute for Experience 

There is no substitute for experience.

As a young boy practising magic, my mentor Alan Alan always stressed to me, “perform at every opportunity”.

I’m grateful for this advice, because I took it to heart.

I performed at every opportunity and for most of the shows, I was not paid a single penny.

The whole point was to condition of my nervous system so that I would not experience the fear, terror and trepidation of being in front of an audience.

Public Speaking is considered to be the number one fear for a lot of people, it is no different for magicians. In fact, it’s a lot worse because we have the additional worry and concern of ensuring we perform our tricks without exposing any secrets. And on top of that, we have to speak, tell jokes and entertain our audience, that is a lot to think about during the performance.

Technical confidence in front of our mirror is easy. Flight time and regular performances is the difference that will make the difference. Unconscious competencey can only be achieved with regular performances and post performance analysis. And then, getting back on the pitch and repeating the process.

This process of performing and refining is the key to building a strong performance mind set and muscle – confidence in ones own ability will flow from this. I know from experience the frustration I endured and the thoughts going through my mind that I will be never any good at this. It drove me mad, I stuck with it. Eventually, my audience became my best critic, they responded favourably or otherwise which told me I still had work to do, keep this line of patter in, this is a good trick, develop it.

Learning to listen to our audience is the key, they will not lie to us, their emotions and response is real.

If you choose to hire Michael Vincent Magic rest assured, you will be hiring a magician whose performing experience is second to none. He is a magician with a fearless attitude to the execution of his work and a heart full of passion for ensuring his audience has the ultimate experience of magic and entertainment.

Please get in touch we look forward to serving you and ensuring your event is truly memorable.